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Unlock Your Full Potential: Maximize Your Muscle Growth with these 5 Tips

People want to achieve maximal results in whatever they do, and that's no different in the gym. So why aren't more people walking around having unlocked their full potential?

Here our 5 tips that we coaches believe are some of the MOST important things that need to be implemented in order for a strong, athletic and goal physique to be achieved.


You have to BUILD.

Understand that in order to grow or build muscle you have to fuel that muscle. This means that you have to eat ENOUGH food. You cannot grow from an empty tank.

Pro tip: You can 100% gain muscle and see body composition changes in a maintenance phase.

You NEED protein.

At the very least, consume 1g of protein per pound of lean muscle mass. Then allow carbohydrates to make up 35-45% of your intake, and the rest will come from fats. The "right" breakdown will vary, but for the most part, prioritizing protein will be the main component of this equation.

Pro tip: Start with protein and then focus on meal timing.

Train with INTENTION.

Training with a purpose and intention is a learned skill. Working with loads heavy enough to challenge you and aiming for RPEs close to a 9 will be necessary for muscle growth.

Pro tip: Remember that muscle does not know loads, it knows tension.


Recovery is critical, and not just rest days and sleep quality (though these are important). We are referring to rest periods. You need to rest, especially when pushing strength. Rest periods (between sets) should be closer to 90-120 seconds, but can go up to 3-5 minutes.

Pro tip: Muscle tears when you lift, it needs time to repair.

Plan your DELOAD.

You cannot skip deload weeks. Deloading is a strategy to help overcome what is called the supercompensation theory. This is when your body hits a plateau and cannot push forward until after a deload is implemented.

Pro tip: Deloads are usually needed every 6-8 weeks, but can very much depend on response.


We take training very seriously and ensure that our clients not only get personalized programming, but also the EDUCATION to accompany it so they can train with every single one of these strategies in mind.

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