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Training School 101

Last month was all things nutrition and this month we are talking TRAINING. This post breaks down 4 variables of training that can really make or break an effective program, let's dive in!



What exactly is a warm-up set?

  • Warm-up sets should be done for the major compound movements within your training program.

  • The goal of a warm-up set is NOT to produce fatigue and shouldn't reduce your effort to perform at maximum capacity during your working sets.

  • Assigning a specific RPE to a warm-up set helps keep intensity low-to-moderate.

Why are warm-up sets important?

  • They help you practice technique and check your form before loading that movement with a substantial/challenging weight load.

  • They encourage blood flow to the working muscle group(s).

  • They help establish a starting weight for your first working set.

  • They help prepare your nervous system for that specific movement pattern.



What exactly is a training split?

  • A training split is how you plan or program your workouts for a given week or set of days.

  • This can be done in various ways that include specific body regions, lifts, specific body parts, or by movement.

  • Training splits should be designed with goal(s) in mind, access to equipment, time/availability, and level of knowledge as it pertains to training.

What considerations need to be made when choosing or creating a training split?

  • Time commitment

  • Training experience

  • Weaknesses/Imbalances

  • Goals

What are some training split examples?

  • 3-day training split