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Long-term Client Interview: Stacy

Today's client spotlight showcases how our coaching can be integrated and approached with a true TEAM dynamic. Meet Stacy, coached by Casey and Jacky!

Stacy was one of Casey's first clients when she became a coach with Audacious Athletes and then in the fall of 2022, we brought Jacky into the equation for her programming expertise.


First off, how’d you find the Audacious Athletes team and your coach?

Prior to working with Casey, I had followed Chanel on YouTube. Chanel appeared very knowledgeable and seemed to question industry standards. I was impressed that she took the time to do a 1-1 call to ensure I’d be a good fit for coaching, address my concerns and get to know my background prior to placing me with Casey.

What prompted you to seek out coaching initially?

I was frustrated that I couldn’t find a coach who seemed to work with my individual needs and pace. I needed a very gradually approach to fat loss.

Since being a client, what goals have you been able to accomplish?

Many! I have come down to a healthier body fat percentage, lower blood pressure, I’m no longer snoring (lol!), stable blood sugar levels, and realizing the importance of pre and post training meal needs.

What do you enjoy most about your relationship with your coach?

Both Casey and Jacky collaboratively work with me and try to find ways that meet my goals. They also push me past my comfort zones when needed.

If someone was on the fence about becoming an Audacious Athlete client, what advice or guidance would you give them?

I recommend investing in Audacious Athlete coaching, as they really do provide an individualized approach. They also pay attention to details that some coaches in my past have never noticed. They really try to meet your goals while also being honest and realistic about them.

Stacy has been able to go through multiple deficit phases since joining the Audacious Athlete team and has seen great success, like she mentioned above! She has recently stepped away from nutrition coaching to "test" her knowledge and habits she's gained over the last 2 years and apply that to a more intuitive eating approach while still working with Coach Jacky on her training and strength goals. She hopes to enter into another successful deficit phase this summer to continue pursuing the goals that she continues to inch closer and closer to each check-in.


If you aren't already, be sure to follow us over on Instagram where we often share what our clients are up to! If becoming a client on our roster is something you're interested in, fill out this form here to set up a consult call with Head Coach Chanel!

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