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Long-term Client Interview: Brandon

If you've been on or around our Instagram account, you'll see that we have rosters FULL of hard-working clients and we LOVE to showcase their hard work, on and off the scale, through progress photos, testimonials and weekly client wins. Continuing that trend, we wanted to bring a longer-form way of showcasing some of our longer standing clients, hence THIS post. Our very first "client interview" with one of Coach Casey's clients, Brandon.


First off, how’d you find the Audacious Athletes team and your coach?

I was actually introduced to the Audacious Athletes team by my coach, Casey Dixon. Casey and I have known each other for about 5 years. We met the first day I took one of her exercise classes back when she used to work at the Health Center for NNS. I absolutely loved her class, and after some time, sought out individual coaching from her. Besides a few breaks when she went through some life transitions (like becoming a mom ☺️), we’ve been rocking strong ever since. When she left her corporate job and had her own coaching business, I signed on to continue working with her. I did the same again when she joined Coach Chanel’s Audacious Athletes team back in 2021.

What prompted you to seek out coaching initially?

I had previous experience with working out as an athlete in high school, but I didn’t really come to appreciate it until I was in college. There, I took a weight training class that was taught by the head of the PE department, who also happened to be a professional bodybuilder. Her knowledge was something I had never come across and I was hooked. Years later, I started working at the shipyard. My dad had been going to the exercise classes and encouraged me to start going, and that’s when I met Casey. After taking classes with her and a few other instructors for a bit, I decided I wanted to really dive into individual nutrition and weight training coaching. I always wanted to know what I could achieve from a physical standpoint. My experience with my teacher in college really showed me the benefits to working with someone who really understands the intricacies of nutrition and working out, especially weight training.

Since being a client, what goals have you been able to accomplish?

I’ve really been able to develop my physique with Casey. During my first meeting with her back when she worked at her corporate job, I told her that I wanted to add some size and really tone up. I really wanted to have defined muscles, especially my abs. We’ve made good progress in that area, but that’s only half of it. My knowledge has really grown since being under Casey’s tutelage. Her coaching style isn’t just about telling her clients what to do, but actually teaching and encouraging us to learn how to operate independently.

What do you enjoy most about your relationship with your coach?

Honestly, my favorite part is that Casey has become a friend of mine. Back when she was working her corporate job, where we could still meet face to face, we had one meeting where I must’ve been in her office for at least two hours (may have done that more than once, if my memory is correct). During that time, we talked about so many things beyond coaching and training. We really went into life, things in my personal life, and so on. Casey knows me well enough at this point that she can pick up when something is out of the ordinary and really check in to see how I’m doing. Casey truly cares about me as a person, as she does with anyone blessed enough to work with her.

If someone was on the fence about becoming an Audacious Athlete client, what advice or guidance would you give them?

I actually did have someone reach out to me who was trying to decide if they wanted to join the team. I told them the support system was great, not just with Casey, but all of the coaches. I’ve worked with Coach Jacky Revels for some movement analysis and correction, and I’ve communicated with Coach Brit and Coach Chanel (sooo much with Chanel), too. We discussed all of the progress I had made since being with the team, and even before that when I first started with Casey. The biggest thing I stressed to them was the importance of understanding that no matter who they worked with, the program they followed and instruction they received, the results were based on the work they put it. Consistency, discipline and attention to detail are the keys that will determine how much progress you make. If you’re willing to listen and follow the guidance of any of the amazing queens whose roster you join, you’re going to love the changes you’ll see and feel.

Check out the overall progress that has been made over the course of 15 months. Brandon has gone through 3 deficits in that time period, has GREATLY improved body composition and is able to easily maintain ~8-9lb lower "maintenance" scale weight now compared to July 2021 (first photo).

If you aren't already, be sure to follow us over on Instagram where we often share what our clients are up to! If becoming a client on our roster is something you're interested in, fill out this form here to set up a consult call with Head Coach Chanel!

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