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Long-term Client Interview: Alora

We're back to showcase another long-term client of the Audacious Athlete team! Alora worked with Coach Jacky for 2 years and so much was accomplished in that time. Alora has just recently taken her health and fitness goals into her own hands after learning from Jacky these past couple of years and is feeling confident she will be able to keep things going.

Alora joined Jacky's roster with previous lifting experience but not a lot of experience with tracking. She was dealing with a lot of inflammation, digestive issues and pain while training. Jacky and Alora had an initial movement assessment together and were able to dial in better movement patterns that allowed her to train more comfortably. Through proper core, stability work and movement feedback she was able to train pain-free. At the beginning of their coaching relationship, the main focus was on better macro nutrient breakdowns that allowed her to improve her body composition. They also quickly learned how to manage the inflammation and digestive issues by really focusing on food choices and recovery protocols.

First off, how’d you find the Audacious Athletes team and your coach?

I found Chanel’s page a long time ago and had followed her when she was still doing the bodybuilding thing because I love watching body building people. Over time I used her account to learn more about fitness and eventually looked into the coaching company she had, and came to Audacious Athletes.

What prompted you to seek out coaching initially?

I had been a consistent gym goer with a working knowledge but a lack of ability to put that knowledge to work. I had been able to meet some very basic goals I had for myself on my own but realized with some of the health issues I faced, I just did not know how to get myself to the place I wanted to be without some more knowledge and help. I started to realize I needed a coach. My first coach I had reached out was very simple and just emailed me a list of workouts to do monthly and did not even check in with me or review any videos or anything I sent them. I knew that this was not benefitting me because I needed someone who could get to know me and my personal goals, and how my body works so I could actually achieve my fitness goals.

Since being a client, what goals have you been able to accomplish?

The biggest thing I have accomplished is that I now train without any pain. I have some chronic inflammation issues and a job that keeps me moving and doing hard labor all day. So previously I was just doing what everyone else did at the gym and making myself hurt. I now train in a way that gives me the rest I need and uses movements that benefit me specifically and I have contact with my coach when I do have issues.
The other goal I have been able to accomplish is an understanding of my own needs and body. I now am way more aware of what my body works well with as far as nutrition, and training. I understand and I mean truly understand the value of rest specifically for myself and my inflammation. I understand the correlation between certain movements, or decisions and how they effect my training or how I feel. Overall I have come to have a much better connection with my own body's needs not just what the internet tells me my body needs.

What do you enjoy most about your relationship with your coach?

Jacky is a positive and reliable force. She never shies away from calling me out when I make a decision that was not beneficial but it’s always in a way that encourages. I know that I have a person who is 100% on my team and about making sure I have the tools and understanding I need to make my weeks work. I don’t have an easy to track or consistent movement pattern with my days, nor have I made it easy to nail down what sort of movements work well with my body, but Jacky has never made me feel discouraged, nor had she ever herself been discouraged. WE have had a lot of setbacks and things we have had to adjust to learn how to train efficiently and Jacky has done phenomenal at listening to my feedback and adjusting things to make it work. It’s taken a while to really nail in a process that works smoothly but through the whole process I’ve felt well taken care of so I never had doubts we would find a routine that worked. That trust in my trainer is the best part of our relationship. I also feel like she doesn’t put on any sort of client face, when you get your feedback from her weekly, that’s who she is. Jacky comes to you as herself, she’s a kind and respectful, fun, and knowledgeable person.

If someone was on the fence about becoming an Audacious Athlete client, what advice or guidance would you give them?

Follow the socials of all the people on the team and get to know them there. All of the people on the team are truly kind and genuine people and I think their socials reflect that. Training isn’t easy but having the knowledge and encouragement from someone who knows what they are doing is so helpful in starting your journey. The Audacious Athlete community is full of encouraging and kind people as well. Everyone in this space wants to see you succeed and you really will feel that when you train with them.

They have been able to see some incredible body composition changes and strength improvements, but most importantly, she is living a life where she is in-tune with her body. She is strong, training and working pain-free, and she has truly found HER version of a healthy lifestyle.


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