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FAQs: Part Three

Back with our final post to wrap up this FAQ series. We hope you've found a lot of benefit from these and they've been helpful when considering if our coaching team is a good fit for you and your goals! As a quick recap...

  • FAQ: Part One -- covered all things inquiries, consult calls and what exactly you're getting in an online versus in-person coach.

  • FAQ: Part Two -- discussed all the coaching packages, programs and specific populations we (can) serve within our team.

Today's post is rounding out all of the other questions that we tend to run into when potential clients ask about our coaching.


FAQ: What Is Expected Of Me (the client)?

After signing on with an Audacious Athlete coach, you will be assigned a designated check-in day, where (depending on what coaching program you are receiving) you will submit specific documents each week:

  • Your weight and macro tracker

    • This holds data that includes scale weight, macros (if receiving nutrition coaching), water intake, sleep, training and cardio completed, and an additional section to provide other pertinent notes about the week

  • Your check-in questionnaire

    • This set of questions each week allows the client to provide additional information regarding various biofeedback variables and markers (stress levels, digestion, energy, etc.) as well as prompting the client to look for non-scale victories from the week

  • Update physique photos

    • Despite what coaching program you receive, weekly photos are important in this coaching relationship and should be taken at the same time/place/situation each week to provide the coach with the most accurate understanding of changes that are occurring

  • Updated training log

    • This houses the completed workouts and training the client accomplished that week. This is only required of a Total Athlete and Training Only client.

Click here to listen to Coach Brittany talk more here.

FAQ: Do I Have To Track Macros To See Results?

It depends! An answer so many people loathe to hear. Not all clients need to (or should) track macros. We also take alternative approaches to coaching when we feel macro-tracking may not be the best for a specific client. We take things like diet history, current goals and your relationship with food into consideration when making this call.

We also use other methods outside of macros to coach clients who do have nutrition goals:

  • Habit tracking

  • Hand/plate portion tracking

  • Nutrition concepts

  • Hunger cues

Click here to listen to Coach Jacky talk more here.

FAQ: What If My Goals Change, Can We Still Work Together?

Goals change often! There's not usually a single client scenario when goals aren't shifting at some point or another. Two types of "goal changes" that we typically see are client-led and coach-initiated.

  • Client-led -- these include situations when big life changes occur. Things like a new job, a move, a long vacation, more frequent travel, pregnancy, postpartum/new baby...the list continues. When things like these happen (and they do!), goals often need to shift and as a coach, we are here to pivot and help you find new expectations and set realistic goals for these seasons.

  • Coach-initiated -- these often include situations when the client has a goal in mind but are pursuing those goals in an ineffective manner. The coach will first provide education around what is required of the goal they have in mind and then re-direct and provide guidance for a better avenue that will be more effective (and efficient) for that client.

Click here and here to listen to Coach Casey talk more here.

FAQ: How Can You Fix My Form As An Online Coach?

Being coaches in the online space, we have all ALSO coached and trained individuals in-person, so we all have that hands-on experience. But we've also gotten really good at giving our client verbal cues to help with improving form. We allow (encourage, actually!) our clients to send in training videos each week so that we can provide feedback.

Click here to listen to Coach Jacky talk more here.


That wraps up our FAQ series! We hope these were super helpful and will lead you into making a sound decision when it comes to investing in our coaching. If you have any other questions that weren't answered, be sure to drop a comment below OR head over to our Instagram account and shoot us a quick message letting us know what you want to know!

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