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FAQs: Part One

Over the last year, the Audacious Athletes coaching team has grown pretty incredibly and we wanted to provide a resource for all new followers and those who may consider joining the roster of one of our coaches that answers some of the most frequently asked questions we run across.

This FAQ series will be broken up into three different posts:

  1. This post will cover the basics of how to inquire, what to expect in your consult call and provide some explanation about what an online coach looks like in comparison to in-person coaching or training.

  2. The second post will feature all questions related to our coaching – what coaching packages we offer, what they look like, and what specific populations we serve.

  3. The final post will conclude with some logistics – what is expected from the client, the coach, goal changes, tracking macros, and even injury guidance.

These posts are going to contain some great information, especially if you are or ever have considered joining our team (or investing in online coaching in general).


FAQ: How Do I Become a Client?

Head to the homepage of our website and fill out an inquiry form. This questionnaire allows us to gather some basic background information, what you're currently doing in terms of nutrition, training and cardio and a general understanding of what your short- and long-term goals are. Within 24-48 hours, head coach Chanel will reach out and set up a consult call with the main goal of diving deeper into the responses from your inquiry. Don't worry -- this IS NOT a sales call, it's simply a candid conversation between you and coach Chanel (or the coach you requested to work with).

Once the call concludes, you will receive an email that provides cost and details of all coaching packages available. There's no "time limit" on when you need to make a decision. We get it, it's an investment and we want you to be confident in your decision!

Click here to listen to Coach Chanel talk more here.

FAQ: What Should I Expect In The Consult Call?

The consult call will take about 25-35 minutes and is simply a candid conversation with you and the coach going over your inquiry and allowing the coach to gain a better understanding of why you are seeking coaching. It's NOT a sales call or a high-pressure call, but rather a chance to see if you'd be a good fit for our coaching team.

Click here to listen to Coach Chanel talk more here.

FAQ: What's The Difference Between An Online Coach Vs. An In-Person Coach?

Two big differences we like to point out when this comparison comes up: price and product. - Price: With in-person coaching, you are paying for a person's time. With online coaching, you are (almost) always paying for a specific service.

- Product: In-person coaching typically provides guidance movement analysis DURING a training session, but often doesn't provide the comprehensive coaching needs to many people actually desire (detailed nutrition, other important health variables, programming outside of in-person training sessions). With online coaching, we aren't letting our clients "fill in the gaps". Each week they are equipped with exactly what they need to implement a successful week. And with online coaching, a very comprehensive and personalized approach can be taken to ensure that not just training and nutrition are prioritized, but things like sleep, stress markers, and various other important variables that can impact goals and progress.

Click here to listen to Coach Casey talk more here.


After reading over these frequently asked questions, we hope you are walking away with a bit better understanding of what to expect when/if you reach out to our coaching team. Stay tuned for the other two FAQ posts coming in the weeks ahead that cover both our coaching packages and other commonly asked questions once a client joins our roster.

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