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Weight Loss Isn't the Same as Fat Loss

The validation of a lower number that we often seek from the bathroom scale isn't necessarily an indicator that we are decreasing our total body fat. Weight loss is can be seen while minimal to no fat loss occurs and we are here to break down why that may be the case.


Weight loss is typically a goal that many potential clients come to us wanting and while they inherently want the number on the scale to go down, it’s likely not ALL they want. Oftentimes, common approaches to weight loss and fat loss are very are the outcomes. Check out the graphic below to see what we mean.

By focusing solely on weight loss, a person is often approaching that goal in one or more unsustainable, “quick fix” ways. By taking more drastic measures, will you see the scale go down? Likely! But the “weight” you’re seeing decrease isn’t coming from the sources you want it to.Shifting your mindset to focus more on fat loss (i.e. improving your body composition) you will be able to create a much more sustainable, long-term approach that is not only better for your health but is also better for your mental health (you’ll be less inclined to see the “yo-yo” on the scale which can send you into a total mind f***).


Have you been using these phrases wrong when voicing your goals? It’s okay — we’ve all done it! That’s why we wanted to lay it out here for you. Now that the new year is here and you are determining what kind of goals you want to achieve for yourself and your health, it's important to truly KNOW what it is you want. Think you need help with your goals and learning how to achieve FAT loss rather than just weight loss? Fill out an inquiry form to set up a consult call and see if our coaching is the missing link you may need.

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