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The Time & Place for Dieting Strategies

If you’ve been in the fitness or nutrition space for any length of time, you may have come across one (or all) of these “terms” at one point or another. Over in the Audacious Athletes coaching space, one of our biggest goals with our content and educating our clients is to make information not just understandable but also to explain it in a way that you can implement it on your own. This post is meant to provide the BIG PICTURE overview of how some common dieting strategies can be used strategically to enhance a dieting phase and possibly clear up some misconceptions or misinformation that some people often have around these tactics. So let’s dive in by first outlining the FOUR terms we will be covering over the next few weeks…

REFEED. A designated length of time (1-3 days) where calories are increased and brought back up to maintenance level (or close).

DIET BREAK. A designated length of time (usually 7-14 days) when calories are increased and brought back up to maintenance level (or close).

UNTRACKED MEAL. A designated or scheduled singular meal where calories/macros are not tracked.

INTUITIVE EATING. An approach to nutrition that involves abstaining from tracking calories or macronutrients. It’s based on relying on hunger and satiety cues.

The next 4 weeks we will be unpacking each of these IN DETAIL and covering:

· When each of these strategies can be helpful

· The benefits each have within a specific intake phase

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