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The Habit of Eating Consistently: A Key to Improving Your Health

Optimal health and performance often go beyond just how much and what you eat every day. Prioritizing meal TIMING may be something that is missing that is keeping you from feeling and performing your best.

Are you someone who only eats 2 meals a day (and snacks in between)? Or maybe you are the person who realizes their first meal doesn't happen until noon (unintentionally)? Either way, this blog may be something worth reading.


Digestion often improves when you eat regularly throughout the day...and not eating regularly can do the opposite. Going long periods of time without eating can disrupt digestion and increase the likelihood of eating more quickly (and higher amounts of food) in the meals you do eat. Eating too fast (and too much) disrupts digestion and interrupts the body's ability to adequately break down, metabolize and absorb food, and this means that you won't be getting the "most" out of your meals.

Blood sugar is more stable and easily regulated through eating consistently. Blood sugar levels aren't something those with (or at risk) for diabetes should be concerned about, everyone should be educated on this topic. Managing blood sugar throughout the day is important for other processes that occur in the body as well as overall energy levels. When eating consistently, you are creating a steady "flow" of glycogen for the body to process rather than eating the majority of your food in 1-2 meals OR within a 4-6 hour period.

Hunger and satiety can be better understood and felt when eating consistently during the day. Skipping meals or going prolonged blocks of time between

meals can throw off the body's natural hunger and satiety cues, which often leads to overeating and not being able to pay attention to those natural cues when you are eating. Eating 1-2 meals per day make it difficult to meet your daily calorie needs and provide your body with the energy it needs throughout the day. Food is FUEL after all, and if you aren't feeding it regularly, it will run out of "energy".


We are coaches that go BEYOND just the macros. We help you do this. We explain WHY meal timing could work for you and personalize it to your needs. If 1:1 coaching sounds like it could be for you, fill out an inquiry form and start improving your health today.

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