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Nutrition School 101

There's so much information, research and claims regarding nutrition, healthy eating, dieting, and what's the "best" approach. While we aren't here to debate or go into detail about specific kinds of diets, we ARE here to provide some foundational education that we hope helps you create a well-rounded dietary intake for yourself...even if it may just serve as a starting point for you. Let's dive into our first series of the year - Nutrition School 101.



Let's Learn

  • What is protein?

Protein is made from 20+ different amino acids, nine of which are considered essential and cannot be made by the body and, therefore, must come from food.

  • What does it do in/for the body?

Protein is found virtually everywhere in the body (in your bones, muscles, tissue, skin, etc.) and is responsible for making up enzymes that are powerful catalysts for various chemical reactions as well as oxygen transport throughout the body.

Let's Understand

  • How much protein do you need?

Protein intake is dependent on individual goals and the individual's biometrics, BUT a general rule of thumb is that 0.85-1.0 gram of protein per lean body mass is needed daily.

For example: A 150lbs female (with ~125-130lbs of LBM) would need 106-130 grams of protein daily.

Let's Apply

  • What are some examples of common protein sources?



Let's Learn