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Socializing and Adhering to Goals: 3 Lessons for Success

socializing and goals

Achieving the physique or performance goals you’re after will have its social costs. Any goal worth achieving will accrue costs in other areas of your life.

However, with socializing; there are a couple of fine tuned decision making skills here that can help you tremendously along the way. And remember that the costs in the short term won’t always be your costs in the long- term. Once you’ve achieved your goals effectively with mindset and habit transformations to sustain those goals (or in close proximity to them) it becomes a great deal easier and with less costs to your social life along the way.

Here are 3 things you can focus on to help you keep your goals in check while still being social.


Prioritize Food Quality and Protein

Tracking or estimating your food, or even bringing a Tupperware meal with you isn't a MUST. However, the nutrient quality and breakdown of our meals while we socialize CAN resemble our usual meals. We CAN ensure that we get a serving of protein when eating just might not be able to get what others are ordering.

Some tips to do this successfully:

  • Look at menus ahead of time

  • Ask servers questions about portions

  • Request modifications -- no added butter or oil, sauces on the side, etc.

  • Most restaurants will sell you a serving of protein with 1-2 side items, even if it's not specifically on the menu

  • Accept that you might not get the ideal meal and simply focus on being grateful that you're out enjoying the company of others while achieving your goals

Skip or Limit Alcohol

Alcohol calories can add up quickly, we know that. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and impulse control -- potentially around food, we know that. Alcohol consumption is a CHOICE. Our goals are a choice. We take ownership of our choices.

Some tips to navigate alcohol:

  • If you choose a craft cocktail, stick with 1 for the night

  • If you plan to have 2 drinks, stick to lower calorie, simple options like a tequila or vodka soda with lime

  • If you choose wine, decide if a second glass is necessary based on the first pour (most restaurants over pour wine)

  • Drink water while having an alcoholic drink

  • Accept alcohol's effect on your physiology and physique, therefore it may be worth it to YOU to minimize it.

Learn to Say "No"

If saying YES too often is sidelining your goals, then you may need to start saying NO. Like every skill, this can be improved with practice. Practice the skill and the skill gets easier.

Some tips to keep in mind:

  • Saying NO to some things doesn't mean you are saying NO to everything

  • You can say YES to going out, but make your own decisions while out

  • Share your goals openly with those around you, if/when necessary

  • Remind yourself that most people don't actually care what you're eating or drinking, especially if you aren't making it a deal or making it affect others around you

The bigger your physique goal, the MORE structure you need in social settings. For accountability and understanding of how to balance your social life with your goals, it might be time for custom 1:1 coaching like what head coach @chanelcollette and the team of Audacious Coaches can provide.

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