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What to Expect & How to Navigate Post-Vacation Biofeedback

You're back from a week long vacation and step on the scale...

We've all been there and we've all experienced that post-vacation "guilt" of seeing the scale go up and feeling the need to fix what was done the past week after likely eating more flexibility and (possibly) moving a little less. What many people don't know is WHY exactly the scale often shows an increase and may not be what you think. Keep reading to learn what variables can cause that post-vacation biofeedback to occur and what we, as coaches, encourage our clients to do.


Here's the thing...

There will almost always be post-vacation biofeedback to take into consideration when returning from a trip. It's not uncommon to see variables take up to 1-2 weeks to return back to their baseline levels. Some individuals experience shifts in the scale (either up or down) depending on a few things:

  • The dietary intake phase you were in prior to leaving for your trip (deficit, reverse, health, or surplus)

  • The dietary approach you chose to take throughout the trip (intuitive eating, tracking macros/calories, only tracking protein, etc.)

  • Your sleep schedule/routine was different

  • Sodium-dense food sources were consumed (more than normal) and put you over your typical sodium intake range

  • Bowel movements became irregular during your trip

  • Increased amount of alcohol was consumed

  • Fiber and water intake increased and/or decreased

  • If you are prone to edema during travel periods

  • There was a shift in activity levels

  • There was an increase in sun exposure

If you can say YES to a few of the things above, then keep reading because HOW to respond to the scale fluctuation is what most people struggle with.


What to do when you get back from vacation and see the scale has changed...

Nothing! There is absolutely zero need to lower calories and/or increase activity levels in an attempt to "undo the damage." This will only perpetuate unhealthy patterns with food and exercise.

Be patient...all your body needs is a little time back in it's regular routine for weight to steady and for variable sot return back to baseline. Keep things simple with food sources that you know digest well for a couple of weeks.

And lastly, MOVE ON and understand that weight fluctuations are a part of being human. Life (i.e. vacation in this case) is meant to be enjoyed.


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