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Nutrition Barrier as an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur definitely has it's pros, but it can also come with a price at times...a LACK of time. For me (Coach Chanel), I work a 40+ hour work week and have lots of travel on my calendar throughout the year. And with that, comes minimal time and mental bandwidth left for optimal nutrition practices.

Instead of using this as an excuse, I have accepted that I need to prioritize my nutrition the same way I do my career. I can't pour into my business if I'm not taking care of myself.

Here are FIVE things I do weekly that help me save time, plan ahead and reduce my decision fatigue around my meals.


1. Grocery shop or Instacart first thing in the morning.

I will include this in my morning routine about once a week. The store is less crowded, I spend less time in traffic AND the store shelves are (usually) fully stocked. It's a win for my time and also for my selection of fresh produce.

2. When traveling, order groceries to be delivered or picked up as soon as you get home.

This is CRUCIAL for me. If I don't take care of it immediately after travel, days go by before I focus on proper nutrition practices.

3. Check out meal prep service options.

I am subscribed for text alerts and newsletters from many companies. I typically always snag a box of 8-12 meals when they send promo codes for 20-25% off. This is a great deal and meals can be stored in my freezer for up to 6 months, which comes in handy during clutch times or back-to-back travel.

4. If you're in the kitchen already, prepare more than 1 meal or thing.

Use your time wisely. If you are waiting for water to boil, what can you be washing, cutting or prepping for another meal? Never make 1 meal at a time when you can make 2-3 meals of the same thing at once for days to come.

5. Rotate dinners and loop your partner in on their prep.

Maybe it's Taco Tuesday or nacho platter Friday (see this reel if you want to see how we do it). We have our weekday dinners that have become a go-to option for a quick dinner together. I have come to know I am not an island and I can't do it all by myself. By including my partner, we can do it together and they can take over the prep when my work days are longer.

You may not be an entrepreneur, BUT I bet that at least ONE of these tips could be helpful for your weekly meal planning, prep and nutrition goals. You can also check out Coach Casey's post where she shares her tips as a working mom of two!

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