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"I have worked with Jacky for a little over one year now and I can say it's been 1000% a game changer.  Not only has Jacky's expertise helped me improve my physique, I FEEL healthy.  Prior to joining her team, I struggled in the gym with injuries.  Her knowledge when it comes to correcting movement patterns has helped me stay pain free.  For years I was hitting the gym with little progress.  When she dialed in my nutrition coupled with training, amazing changes began.  I was eating more and training less!  Jacky has a personable and comical demeanor.  I'm so thankful she's been my coach in this journey. "

Kelsey W.

Allyson F.

I had worked with different trainers and programs in the past, but I wanted something different. Coming into my first week with Jacky, I hadn't been able to squat pain free for over a year, was unsure how to fuel my body around my workouts, and was in need of some serious mobility guidance. From our first call, Jacky noticed my biggest issues with form and mobility and has been able to tweak my exercises each week so I can continue to move safely and also become stronger. She's been so patient, yet honest, as I navigate this new way of tracking my food and has provided abundantly helpful tips around eating, training, and overall self-care. I'm already seeing  changes in my physique, strength, energy, and mobility and I can't wait to see how much further I can go.  

Jacky's also simply delightful to work with. I always enjoy her witty, honest, and real weekly check-ins, and I'm so grateful to have her in my corner! 

Roberta B.

When I started with Coach Jacky, I didn’t know my way around gym equipment. My famous words were always, “I can’t squat!” I lacked the confidence to venture into a big gym on my own and start from the bottom up but had a burning desire to get stronger, lose body fat, and feel great, so I had to do something. Lack of knowledge, the unknown, and recently having a knee replacement are just some examples of what caused my nervousness. Despite all of this I took the plunge and couldn’t be more thankful to Jacky and Audacious Athletes
Over the last 13 weeks Jacky has coached me through at home workouts---teaching me proper lifting techniques, getting me acclimated to the equipment and focusing on key nutrition factors such as fiber, protein & water intake.
My self-confidence and confidence in working out has skyrocketed. I have more energy, feel stronger…I even catch myself doing a little flex in the mirror from time to time.

Liz S.

I love working with Jacky! She has given me totally personalized training and nutrition coaching and I have seen my body composition change far beyond the expectations I had when we started. She hung in there with me when I had early frustrations and now I have confidence in my body, my workouts, and my relationship with food. Her expertise in corrective exercise helped me finally move beyond some nagging injuries. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I am, at age 55, in the best shape of my life, and what’s more, Jacky has helped me develop habits that make it possible for me to maintain it all while still enjoying life. Thank you, thank you Jacky! Just try it for three months and you will not regret it! 
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