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Ready to achieve your

most audacious physique?

You've come to the right place.

The Audacious Athlete coaching team is here to offer you nutrition and training guidance backed by science and taught


Fill Out the Questionnaire by clicking the link and find out if customized coaching is right for you!

- Progressive Strength Training

- Macro Based Nutrition

- Cardio Programming

- Functional Training

- Weekly Check-ins


Client Testimonials

I am a 46 year old mother of 3 children ranging in ages 12 to 19 years old. I have been lifting weights and exercising for the past 13 years. Over those years I have worked with several trainers and obtained my personal training certification myself. But I still felt I wanted more and wanted someone to push me when I needed it and also tell me to slow down when I needed to. I wanted to show my kids, especially my 2 girls that it's ok to be strong and muscular in a world where girls feel they need to be skinny to fit in! That's when I found Chanel and her stronger not smaller mantra! It was like a sign for me! I have worked with her for over 2 years now and it was the best decision I have ever made! Chanel taught me to not only love my body but myself and all that I put into both! She has always been a supportive coach not only with my nutrition and strength goals but also as a friend. She is open and honest and isn't afraid to hold me accountable when I need it. There have been a few times she has needed to talk me off the ledge in some of my reverse dieting phases but she is always so encouraging when she does. Chanel and I have been through a reverse, a deficit and back to a reverse and I have enjoyed every single moment of it! I have made such significant strength growth and mental growth in allowing myself grace in times when I need it. I look forward to each and every check in. I have learned so much from her and I can't wait to learn even more!! She is not only my coach but I consider her my friend! Working with her has changed my life for the better and am looking for many years to come!​ - Beth

My testimonial as a Nutrition Coaching Client with Chanel Collette Have you ever felt it's much easier to take care of others than yourself? Well, if you have, count me in. I'm 43 years old, a mother of an 11 year old son, and a wife of a loving husband who works long hours. I have had my personal training & group exercise instructor certifications for the last 16 years. I get to help others get stronger, improve wellness, provide exercises for the special population or recover from injuries/operations in the health and wellness industry as a trainer. I LOVE and believe in the power of encouraging & support in wellness journeys and always felt it would be so nice to be the recipient of them for my own health. I was finally reaching a point in life where I could invest in/treat myself that's non-work related. That's when I found Chanel! I spent a good amount of time searching for the right fit coach for me. She stood up out of the crowd to be experienced, knowledgeable, effective in communication, hardworking and down-to-earth. Also, let's not forget that she is a strong advocate for #StrongerNotSmaller message, and that caught my attention. Countless things changed for the BETTER, ever since she has taken me under her wing. To be quite honest, the initial changes took place rather quickly, and it was undeniable to the point my husband whom I had not told about my new endeavor with a coach noticed. So if you're considering working with Chanel I highly recommend warning your family members for the upcoming changes they are about to see. I loved that I was putting myself the top of the priority so that I could be good to others. She reminded me how important it is to fuel my body, sleep & training hard, and having her as my coach strengthened my belief in them without doubting myself or feeling selfish. Once upon a time there was a tired mom who would eat kid's leftovers and called it a meal. That was me. I used to think I could function on 4 hours' sleep because "I'm just that kind that doesn't need much rest." I wonder how many of you reading this can relate. There is something magical about trusting someone who paves the way towards your goal. Then all you do is to show up strong with a clear mindset and witness your story unfold. It's coming up to 3 years being a coaching client of Chanel, and I cannot emphasize enough on the results, knowledge and self awareness that I have gained along the way, and more to come! I'm so grateful that I found Chanel, and highly recommend her! ​ - S

“I’ve been working with Brittany for 32 weeks now. In that 32 weeks I’ve not only seen the drastic physical transformation seen in these photos, but an even more powerful mental transformation. Brittany has helped me not just “get fit quick” but establish a genuine set of protocols for diet and exercise that are realistic and practical that have had real effects. It’s not a quick fix, but I feel I continue to make progress week after week working with her. While weight is the most common form of progress, I have seen so much more than a smaller number on the scale. Improved body composition, improved general health, lower blood pressure and resting heart rate, inches lost in all measurements, and better mental space. Brittany creates proven results with the perfect balance of understanding, grace, and a little tough love when needed. She gives you the tools you need to make the progress you’ve always wanted. Joining the Audacious Athletes team with Brittany is hands down the best money I have spent, and best decision I could have made." Dani Quinlin

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