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"When I signed up a year ago with Chanel as my coach, I knew she was passionate & educated which is what first drew me in. However, working with Chanel has far exceeded any expectations I had. I’m stronger and seeing actual progress in the gym, she’s helped me keep my hormones in a healthy spot, as I’m a person that has a history of hormonal dysfunction, & her attention to detail with every single check-in I send goes above and beyond. Any changes are always explained & I look forward to feedback from her each week. I feel incredibly lucky to have her as my coach and someone I can place my full trust in."

Kayla G.

Beth L.

"I am a 46 year old mother of 3 children ranging in ages 12 to 19 years old.  I have been lifting weights and exercising for the past 13 years.  Over those years I have worked with several trainers and obtained my personal training certification myself.But I still felt I wanted more and wanted someone to push me when I needed it and also tell me to slow down when I needed to.
I look forward to each and every check in. I have learned so much from her and I can't wait to learn even more!!

Summer D.

"I spent a good amount of time searching for the right coach for me.  Chanel stood up out from the crowd  experienced, knowledgeable, effective in communication, hardworking, and down-to-earth.  Also, let's not forget that she is a strong advocate for #StrongerNotSmaller message, and that caught my attention.  Countless things changed for the BETTER, ever since she has taken me under her wing.  To be quite honest, the initial changes took place rather quickly, and it was undeniable to the point my husband whom I had not told about my new endeavor with a coach noticed.  So if you're considering working with Chanel I highly recommend warning your family members for the upcoming changes they are about to see. "

Audra V.

Chanel has changed my life not only physically, but mentally as well. I came to her with a goal to change my physique which was going to require a significant amount time.  At the time I was teaching 5 aerobic classes;  Yes ,I was one of those running my body into the ground and it was time to work smarter not harder.  She set a plan not only to accomplish my goals, but she also had to do this while navigating the classes I was teaching and hormone related issues.   After two+ years, my physique  made major progress and I could not have accomplished this without her coaching me.  Even as a fitness professional myself,  there is not a check in that goes by where I don't learn something from her.  Her knowledge, skills and compassion as a coach is impeccable and these are some of the many reasons she is still my coach of almost three years. 
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