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“Everything has changed. I would use food as comfort for when I was stressed. I had no self-confidence and was really hard on myself. I’ve learned so much from working with you. You’ve taught me to love my body again and given me the tools and knowledge to eat better. I look at my body now and I see how strong it is. I never used to enjoy working out but it has become such a big part of my life. I truly enjoy it. It not only helped me physically but mentally as well.


I was looking to gain a better relationship with food and finally lose the weight after having kids. My expectations have definitely been met and beyond! I can’t thank you Casey enough for all that she’s taught me.”


“I started working with Casey (just nutrition for the first month) then quickly realized how much I could benefit from training programming as well. I had been working out on my own for about six months and eating healthy and lost a good bit a weight on my own. As it always happens though, I hit a wall physically and mentally. The weight loss had stopped and I was frustrated. This was a pattern I had seen all too frequently in the past. I wanted... no, needed help transitioning out of the "diet" mentality and to figure out how to make lifestyle changes.


I had been debating contacting Casey for a while and finally reached out and I am so grateful that I did. The first month focusing on my nutrition helped create such a solid foundation. Casey took my current eating habits and helped me make changes that fit my lifestyle. I am still eating a lot of the food I had been eating but in healthier ways and better portions. In doing this it is helping to assure I can stick to it long term! In teaching me the important things to look for in my meals I have control of what I eat and I know how to fuel my body for my best performance and current goals.


Since adding the fitness coaching as well I feel stronger than ever and confident walking into a gym. On top of all that the thing I appreciate most about her coaching is her support and her own vulnerability. When I feel discouraged I know I can communicate honestly with her and let her know how I’m feeling without fear of judgment or failure. She understands that sometimes the scale wont reflect our progress and shows me how to see my success in other ways! Having had Casey as my coach is one the best decisions I could have made for myself and my health.” 

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