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Jennifer R

I came into this like every other diet or training program I have done - determined and hyper focused on the end goal. I figured in six months I'd have the weight off and I'd start seeing muscle definition. Previously I would go into total robot mode and shut myself off from the world so that I could hit the unmaintainable goals I set for myself. It took me a while to realize that I needed to change my relationship with food and more so, myself. I had to start being kind to myself and stop hating the journey. I had to come to terms with the fact that I wasn't going to be able to heal and find food freedom without gaining a little weight. I’m eating almost an additional 1,100 calories per day. That's crazy! I've never eaten that much before unless I was binging.


The last 25 weeks have been so much more than increasing calories, adjusting macros and creating training programs. You've helped me work through my issues with myself and food so that I can be the healthiest version of myself body and mind. I don't think I would have ever had long term success with any program if I didn't changed the way I thought about food.


I can enjoy food now - all types of food. I can eat cake with my family for my birthday and actually be present in the moment. I still meal plan, prep and stick to my macros, but if my husband wants to take mefor dinner Saturday night, I can go and know that one meal is not going to jeopardize my progress. I don't feel the need to go overboard when I go out for dinner anymore because I know that no food is off limits, it's moderation.


I feel like a different person than when I joined your team in January. I'm excited to be able to approach the next 25 weeks with a much more healthy mindset and make all the gains.

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Jessica Ortiz

"My journey with Brittany Lauzon started about 3 years ago.


I was on the search for so long for a coach…someone to hold me accountable. Someone to be my cheerleader but also be firm with me and hold me to my word.


I found that in her.


From day 1, she took such time in learning what worked for me; not only from what macros my body responded to better but, also what workouts helped, how my hormones worked, getting my hormones in check, my cycle back on track.


See, I have PCOS and I have been told my whole adult life that I would probably never have children and that was something that haunted me. I always felt called to be a mother and when Brittany asked me my “why” to get in shape, my answer was simple: 


“I want to put my body in the best place possible so that I can become a mother.”


It was hard. Some days I was at the gym at 5:00am to workout, working an 8-9 hour day and then going back to do cardio. Tracking everything I ate, drinking over a gallon of water a day. Yes, over a gallon!

I knew that all though some days I didn’t want to do it, I had to. Because my end goal was more than abs. My end goal was a family.


Now, I got abs though! They were there, they were beautiful, we were tracking to start prep for a show, I was literally in the best shape of my life possible. My period was on time, I was wearing a size 2-4 jeans when 5 years ago I was in a size 14-16.


On the outside, I looked a certain way and I had people daily tell me how great I looked. How inspirational my transformation was, I was asked if I competed…but inside I was lost.


I was on a trying to conceive journey and it wasn’t happening. I remember being totally open to Brittany about all my struggles. From depression, anger, unmotivated, etc. She never judged. She was always there with a virtual hug. She always took the time to check on me, make sure that I was okay. To lend an ear, to let me know I wasn’t alone.


Then something happened. After 3 years of training together my body stopped responding. I was at my lowest weight and out of nowhere, my weight stopped moving. I didn’t know why and I told Brittany that me and my husband were going on a vacation to get my mind off of our baby struggles.


On that vacation, I rested, I was so tired…I felt so weird. I chalked it up to being fried from the ongoing schedule I had at home. So once we got back home, I didn’t understand why I was so sick. I was still so tired, I couldn’t lift, I was nauseous…


But I refused to take a pregnancy test. See, when you take so many for so long with the hopes of seeing that positive response and each time it not being there, you dread even thinking of taking another one but, I knew something was different.


After a year and a half of trying to conceive, 3 doctors telling me I would never have a child of my own, 3 years of hard work, dedication, supplements, cardio, tracking, multiple negative tests….I was pregnant.

You know you have developed a beautiful relationship with someone when they are the first person you tell you’re pregnant to.


I remember sending the picture of the test to Brittany. How she cried out of happiness with me.


Til this day, she is still my number 1 cheerleader. She loves me, loves my daughter, and after giving birth, I had no hesitation in coming back to her!


I thank Brittany with my whole heart for never giving up on me. For helping me to truly become the healthiest I could’ve because I had the best pregnancy, my daughter is super healthy and smart, I had an easy delivery, and I owe it to her guidance.


Now we are at it again and when she asked me what my goal was this time, haha! I told her we were reaching for the stars: I want to step on stage and I want to look out and see my baby girl there!


I am blessed to be an Audacious Athlete. I am honored to be an Audacious Athlete. I am PROUD to be an Audacious Athlete.


Chanel, thank you for trusting and hiring Brittany.


B, thank you for changing my life!"

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Maddie H

I cannot believe we have been together for almost a year already! The mental, physical & emotional growth I have witnessed for myself as a “seasoned” fitness gal is extraordinary. Truly truly appreciate you. And the team.


I am honestly, LOVING this body. So wild how feeling “fluffy” even a month ago, I remember being uncomfortable but now I see my legs (usually my pain point) and we are cut and sculpting and my hip flexors have definition under this that I did not have before.. and SHEESH. I’m proud. And excited.


Not a moment of a freak out over the scale spike when I wake up and have my period. Normal and to be expected as the body does what it needs to. My mental state is so incredibly optimistic for future phases and continuing to work together. I feel stable and sound in all ways. I sleep like a champ at night & wake up ready to rock.


Let’s keep doing the thing!

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Dani Quinlin

“I’ve been working with Brittany for 32 weeks now. In that 32 weeks I’ve not only seen the drastic physical transformation seen in these photos, but an even more powerful mental transformation. Brittany has helped me not just “get fit quick” but establish a genuine set of protocols for diet and exercise that are realistic and practical that have had real effects. It’s not a quick fix, but I feel I continue to make progress week after week working with her. While weight is the most common form of progress, I have seen so much more than a smaller number on the scale. Improved body composition, improved general health, lower blood pressure and resting heart rate, inches lost in all measurements, and better mental space. Brittany creates proven results with the perfect balance of understanding, grace, and a little tough love when needed. She gives you the tools you need to make the progress you’ve always wanted. Joining the Audacious Athletes team with Brittany is hands down the best money I have spent, and best decision I could have made."

Danielle Pope

"I started working with Brittany back in November of 2019 right before the holidays. I had debated on getting a coach on and off for a few months, but I was struggling to pick the right person and to decide if I wanted to make that financial commitment. I started following her on Instagram from Chanel’s page, and I watched her stories but didn’t really pay much attention as usual when watching stories. However, one day she had reposted a client testimonial from a client who had started right where I currently was and had seen great progress. I DM’d her and she got back with me right away so I decided to apply! I also knew she was the coach for me because I know she would hold me accountable and not take any BS excuses I could make which is EXACTLY what I needed.


When I began the journey with Brittany I was already working out 5 days a week, but I wasn’t working out with purpose. I was just going to the gym, doing some exercises without a structured plan, and going home. I was doing virtually NO cardio at all, and I was maybe giving my workouts 70% effort. Once I started working with her, I started giving my workouts my all and holy moly the changes have been great!


Nutrition wise, my nutrition was ALL OVER THE PLACE. I was under eating some days, over eating others, consuming way more fast food than anyone should, and I was rarely cooking at home. I KNEW I should have been doing better, but I let being busy and lazy be my excuse to just stop and grab food on the way home from work. Once I got a structured set of macros, I kicked my butt in gear and started meal prepping. The change was super easy to make as I enjoy most fruits and vegetables and lean meats and etc. The biggest challenge was actually cooking at home, but once I started it became so much easier. Since tracking my macros, I can list several foods and their nutritional content off the top of my head because I eat a lot of the same foods regularly. This helps me a lot when traveling for work or if I am busy and on the go and need to grab a quick snack.


All in all, I have been working with Brittany for 16 weeks now. Over the course of those 16 weeks we had Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and two work trips as well as needing to take a week off due to being sick. Despite the holidays and the other factors, I have lost over 10 lbs total and 17 inches while gaining 2 inches in the areas we want to gain in. I look at these side by side photos, and it is crazy to think how far we have come. I am so incredibly happy that I chose Brittany as my coach. She has been a blessing in my life, and I am excited to keep working hard with her to achieve my goals!"

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Emily Wigge

"I’ve worked with Brittany for about 7 months & counting. 6 of those months were spent in a dieting phase & 1 month has been spent in a reverse. In my dieting phase, I lost about 15 lbs & 19 inches! My mind was blown. I’ve been working out for years & was never able to make that kind of progress within that timeframe.

Brittany seriously knows her stuff. I have learned so much in my time working with her. I learned how to split up my macros around training, how to execute certain movements & that I don’t have to do an extensive amount of cardio in order to change my body composition or hit my goals. She’s always open to provide me feedback on movements & answer any questions I may have. She makes you feel comfortable talking about anything & everything- like having digestive issues, which she even helped me out with!

When I first inquired about training, I held off because I couldn’t convince myself to make the financial commitment. After a couple months, I reached back out & made the leap. I’m SO happy I did!! I can’t imagine where I would be physically or mentally now if I hadn’t. Hiring her for my nutrition & training was the best decision I could’ve made for myself at the time. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with her & cannot wait to see the progress I make."

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Monica Ricci

"I started working with Brittany because I really wanted to get into shape for my wedding day. We dropped almost 20 lbs and more importantly totally changed my body composition. My journey started out as purely a fat loss goal but has transitioned into so much more! She instilled in me a passion for lifting heavy and being a badass inside and outside the gym and has supported me endlessly throughout our time together. She is the kick in the ass I always needed but also the hand who helps me back up when I fall off and my personal cheerleader. Over our time together she helped me transition off birth control and navigate through some hormonal issues that followed. We are currently in our first improvement season and my mind is blown by how much food I am eating and the weight I am lifting! I remember being very hesitant when I was deciding on signing up for coaching and having a lot of self-doubt thinking it wasn’t for me, but now I can’t imagine a Thursday without my weekly check in. Working with Brittany I have and continue to be my best self. Beyond my health improvements, Brittany has given me so much more self-confidence, drive and focus which has improved my personal relationships and also my performance at work."

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