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Audacious Athlete | Phase Three

Audacious Athlete | Phase Three

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Looking for one of the most dynamic training programs you can find?

The Audacious Athlete PHASE 3 program will give you a glimpse into how I design training programs and how I personally train. That’s right, I have completed this program in its entirety. It was designed specifically for my 2018 contest prep season, and it has been test run by my BETA CREW community as well. We all loved the program and have seen incredible results from the unique design.

The split is not your usual training split you see in many programs.
It's a 6-day cycle featuring:
- 3 days per week of posterior chain recruitment (back, rear delts, glutes, & hamstrings)
- 2 days of chest and arm recruitment
- 1 comprehensive lower body day
- Core Circuit training also included

All purchasers receive access to the private Instagram account @AudaciousAthletes with a full movement library along with story highlights from the time I completed the entire program with my BETA CREW community.

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