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Audacious Athlete At Home | Phase One

Audacious Athlete At Home | Phase One

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Looking for one of the most dynamic at- home training programs you can find?

The Audacious Athlete AT HOME PHASE 1 program will give you a glimpse into how I have designed my own at-home training. When I first started training at-home I had very little equipment and the gradually added pieces. This whole program is that evolution showcaseing how you can train with limited equipment and help you potentially progress adding various equipment in the future.
That’s right, I have completed this program in its entirety. It was designed specifically during the quarantine but I plan to continue to use this training program from the safety and comforts of my home..

with a 4-day training split
- 2 upper body days
- 2 lower body days

The movements you choose can create unlimited workouts within this ONE PROGRAM!

All purchases receive access to the private Instagram account @AudaciousAthletes with a full movement library along with story highlights from the time I completed the entire program with my BETA CREW community. To gain access a proof of purchase must be messaged to the @AudaciousAthletes instagram account.

  • Spread

    4 week, 4 day. 

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